Benefits Of SMS marketing

You need to communicate with your staff, suppliers, clients and everyone. The best and most effective method is SMS. It is actually incredibly effective, particularly with our SMS group buy which I am sure now are the cheapest in our market space, depending on your usage between 4 and 5.5 cents an SMS.

Here are some facts:

Almost every one of us has a smartphone (90%+) probably with the people you deal with the figure is even higher.

Almost all smartphones are within hands’ reach all the time much more than mailboxes and computers.

Delivery time is generally within seconds.

Your message once sent will be delivered to the person directly.

There are no spam filters blocking your message.

Today the average person looks at their mobile phone 150 times per day – every day, which means that it will most likely be read within seconds of you hitting “send."

Studies have shown that 99% of all SMS messages are read almost all within seconds of being sent.

In comparison:

Less than 30% of tweets are read.
20% of emails are read.
12% of Facebook posts are read.

The average response time for an SMS is ninety seconds, while for an email, it is almost three days.

SMS coupons are up to tenfold more likely to be redeemed (and shared) than newspaper or letterbox mail coupons.

This is why no other communication method has such a high rate of conversion.

If you want to know more, please let us know to get an SMS account.