Our point of sale in the major compounding pharmacist in NSW


A compounding pharmacy prepares individualised prescription medications for patients and animals when mass produced manufactured drugs are unavailable or not appropriate. Some reasons would be.

- The medication is not commercially available
- Special dosages are required
- Some people and animals have special allergic reactions
- Special formulations are required

As you can appreciate, any facility that does such work requires an extremely high standard both in the distribution of products, stock control because of the legal requirements in drugs, a large number of patients and the complex chain of order, it requires an extremely sophisticated point of sale system that is way above the ordinary.


So we were thrilled that the major one in NSW, Bova Compounding selected us as an IT supplier servicing vets from across Australia.



Here are some photos of our system being used there.






Also here is a youtube if you want to know more what they do.