See how your advertisments are going.

Today we can measure the number of people who walk past your store and the number that come through the front door. How many are repeat customers, identify potential shoplifters you have target etc. Taking it further you can compare figures with previous periods too? It's a great way of assessing changes in your storefront, your advertising, a road construction blocking your footpath, etc. We can also provide you with a more advanced analytics including gender and specific age range.

Now people have asked me if something like this can be done for advertisements, well the answer is yes with dynamic QR codes, something we supply. The problem is the same here, many of our clients put out advertisements for products. There are two questions.

1) Are they interested in this product?
2) Is the price right?

People may look for an item, look at your price and move on, you do not know then whether it's there not interested in the product or whether the price puts them off. This is of major interest in pharmacies and pet shops although any retailer could use it.

Well, our QR codes can help answer these questions, here is a report of QR code that I put up last week, its page 1 of 3. I do not want to put to much up as people have a way of copying. As you can see it shows five people scanned it, 4 are unique, so one person had two attempts and when and where it was scanned in. Its not clearly a good spot so I think I will move the advertisement.