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Customer Loyalty Programs are a proven way to increase turnover and customer retention. When implemented and promoted correctly, Loyalty Programs are a great way to engage with customers without spending much money.

This article will cover some of the most popular VIP Loyalty options and strategies designed to keep your customers coming back! There are many ways to implement a loyalty program, and it is essential to choose one that is a good fit for your business.  Some of these options can be implemented alongside each other. For example, you could have a "Points Based" program running as well as a "VIP Discount" program together.

Preparing for a Loyalty System

We have put together a quick guide on preparing for a Loyalty System and some of the considerations you should make before beginning.

Start Here - Preparing for a Loyalty System

Points Based Systems

One of the most used systems in Australian retail, Points-based systems are very reliable and understood by customers. The basic premise is that customers will earn "reward points" for in-store purchases. These points can be set to a $ amount each and can then be redeemed on future purchases. It is essential to give the customers enough rewards to make them want to use their loyalty cards and points. Having the details of how many points are earned for each $ spent displayed at the front counter is also a good idea. This helps customers understand the system and generates interest in customers who are not yet a member when they see the display.

A guide on setting up a Points Based system is available here.

Automatic Voucher Systems

A variant of the above Points-based system allows the customer to accrue reward points, up to a set $ amount. When the customer reaches that $ amount, a redemption voucher is automatically printed from the receipt printer and given to the customer.  If the set amount is relatively small (we recommend $5 or $10 for most small businesses), the customer will see a reward relatively quickly and will encourage to remain an active member. The redemption voucher, like points, is redeemed in-store on a future purchase. An expiry date can be set on the vouchers to ensure that any outstanding liability is limited.

A guide on setting up an Automatic Voucher system is available here.

Discount Vouchers

Like the Automatic Voucher system, Discount Vouchers give loyal customers a redemption voucher on each purchase. The amount is smaller per voucher, sometimes only cents depending upon the purchase. The discount voucher system's benefit is that customers instantly see reward value. The downside is that the value can be seen as too small to even worry about keeping the receipt for next time, so many vouchers are left unredeemed. 

Discount Vouchers can also be set to give every customer a voucher, even if they are not members of your Loyalty System. We do not recommend this approach, as no customer spending habits are recorded, and you have no chance to market to them at a later stage. Many retailers feel that this approach is similar to discounting every product in the shop for every customer.

A guide on setting up Discount Vouchers is available here.

Additional Loyalty Offerings

Even while running one of the above Loyalty Systems, you may want to reward your loyal customers further. There are many ways to accomplish this. We will outline some of the most popular here:

Group Sells

A "Group Sell" is when items are grouped for a special price. An example would be: 1 Widget is $5, but buy 3 for $10. These types of specials can be automatically set up in PosBrowser and can be set to only apply to members of your Loyalty Program. These specials can be displayed in the shop and quickly emailed to your VIP members.

Information on Group Sells can be found here.

VIP Special Pricing

You can set a VIP discount on dissection in your store, giving loyal customers a further discount. Again, this can be displayed in-store and emailed to your loyal customers.

If you would like more information on how to implement any of the above systems or some general Customer Loyalty advice, please contact us:


Integrating customer loyalty programs into your point of sale systems can increase customer retention and drive profits.