Why Your shop Should Offer Click and Collect in 2023



Click and Collect was seen as an oddity years ago, but we introduced it to our market space.  Our experience has shown us that the process is relatively simple. 

The Click and Collect Pickup process is straightforward to understand. Customers order through an online store or phone and then pick it up from the shop or while in their car in front of the shop. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for Click and Collect services had been a noticeable increase. This trend increased dramatically during the pandemic and shows no signs of slowing down. According to recent research conducted by Power Retail, nearly three-quarters (72%) of Australians have used Click & Collect in 2022. It has become a permanent shift in shopping behaviour.

Today many use it, including people who sell stationery to businesses. My wife uses it for collecting her dog food. It's a big heavy bag, so she orders the dog food online. Then on the way home from work, she collects it from the shop, and they put it in her car for her.

If you do not offer this service, here are some points to consider.

click and collect sign

Customer Benefits of Click & Collect

- Reduce delivery expenses as customers save money on delivery costs by picking up their purchases in the store.

- Customers can get their items quicker. By picking up their items in the store, customers can get them faster. Unlike online shops, they do not have to wait for their items.

- Customers have more control over when they get their things.  What is popular now is to pick up the goods after work on the way home.

Benefits for retailers of Click & Collect

- More sales give the retailer access to a new demographic, and this demographic is often a good customer.

- Click & Collect can help retailers increase customer satisfaction.

- By eliminating the home delivery cost, Click & Collect cut costs.

- Risk, with delivery, there often are disputes over whether the goods were delivered.

How to set up a Click & Collect program

- Although you do not have to have an online site, it is a good idea for you to have this.

- Your POS Software is already set up to handle this, so all you must do is implement it. This we supply free.

- You need a location where you can do the fulfilment.  You need in the shop and a spot for the car pickup. 

Location for click and collect

- Tell your customers you offer such a service.

-Train your employees: Ensure your staff receives instructions on how to do Click & Collect orders.


Click & Collect offers retailers and customers many benefits, including flexibility and convenience. If you haven't yet implemented this feature into your business strategy, I highly recommend seriously considering it. Its growing popularity and potential impact on sales could be valuable.

Executive summary

-Click and collect is a service that enables shoppers to buy products online and then collect them from a physical store.

-It has gained traction recently thanks to its ease and versatility.

-Shoppers save cash on delivery fees.

-Their purchases arrive faster.

-Consumers can choose exactly when they receive their packages.

-Retailers improve client satisfaction while slashing expenses.

-Retailers cut potential disagreements with clients on package arrivals.

-An e-commerce site, although not necessary, is a big plus.

-You must inform your customers you offer this service.

-You need to get organised to do such a service.



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