Why You Shouldn't Ignore Email Receipt



One big plus of DTI format receipts is that I briefly discussed a few days ago is its ability to email receipts. This is part of its flexibility.

Email receipts have a phenomenal readership.

* Open rates are about 75%.

* People look at email receipts more, about 14.8 seconds, which is 185% higher than what they spend on an average email.

More figures are available here. I am sure if you look at them you will be impressed.


There are many other big pluses. About 70% of people will give you their email address to get a receipt. You have a great excuse to harvest email addresses.

If you are sending them out, it would be best to include: 

* Thank you note

It has to be brief. A one-liner, for example, say, "Thank you for your purchase and your support of local business," 

Social Media

Your address in Facebook for them to checkout with a note, "Check us out on Facebook." 

Promotional content

Consider adding about 30% extra for promotional content for your business. They have brought from you, why not see if they will buy more.

Follow up

What has proven successful is sending these people a follow-up a few days later with a thank you message with a promotion.

Try it.

It is all free; what is stopping you?

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