Why you should be in Google maps?


I'm sure you have seen a Google map like this one when looking for something.​

What it shows on the map are the nearby places for what you are searching for and the top three search choices. Looking at this map, I can see a business selling lotto that is not on this map. It costs them as many people use this to find the place they want to shop.

Why not check if you are on the list?

Now put in a few of your major products and see if you are listed?

If not, then it is costing you too.

What you need to do is


It is free, so why not do it?

Here is the important point on google maps, *David can beat Goliath* as one of the main factors used by Google Maps is location. If you are closest, the odds are good; you will appear and appear first.

Here are some of my tips before your start.

) Give google what they ask, do not be a smartarse like trying to stuff into your name marketing keywords. If Google does not like you, they will put you on the bottom.

) Do not capitalise on your name! Use John Smith not JOHN SMITH

) Do not add trade names use your company name!

) Avoid special characters ^#%&*( unless they are part of your business name.

Now are some step-by-step instructions.


Let me know if you have a problem as I am happy to help; I have a Google Ads Search Certification.

Google Maps Is So Important For Your Business

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