Where Will Superhero products be next year?


COVID has boosted the comic and related industry. I was stunned as readers here will know last year with the figures. Yet, current statistics show that the market appears to be still growing. According to the latest benchmarked figures in the US (no one giving me Australian statistics, probably because of my comment last year on their distribution system), comics are up 46% over the previous two years.

DC comics are up 33%. They started on a lower base. Still, they have Batman, and the latest movie is now out almost everyone will check it out.

Marvel Comics 25%, still the best sellers they have now 9 in the top 10 sellers.

Interestingly, I have noticed that comics as the price is around the ball-park, the price is not that important.

Manga unbelievable is 143% up.

The novels are doing well too. They are up 36%.

Anything now with the Superhero market will do well now as people want escapism, and you do not get more escapism than Ghost Rider, Batman, Spider-Man,  Wolverine and Star Wars.

The big problem is that all these types of products are all protected by Copywrite so it is strictly controlled by the majors.

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