Why make a post-Christmas sale


Now we are in the post-Christmas period (Boxing day). Many now need to move Christmas items, such as holiday decorations, that they need to clear out after the holiday season while they still have value.

The market is there; for example, Commonwealth Bank research shows that 42 per cent of Australians plan to shop the Boxing Day sales this year, up from 39 per cent who said they shopped last year.

Australians enjoy shopping for deals and discounts. They see a post-Christmas sale as an excellent opportunity to find bargains on items they may have missed during the holiday season.

Besides, we have to move what are now low-selling items out of the strategic locations to make room for new products. So let's move it to a place where they sell, as that stuff will muck up cash flow, as it will be sitting in the shop for a year now. Then it will be a year old. Besides, the reality is that these items' market value has dropped. As these items are not in high demand now, a post-Christmas sale can be an excellent opportunity to move them, generating extra revenue.

Now while you are looking at clearing out the Christmas stock, why not add the stuff in the shop that is not selling? It is easy. Here is how.

Do you have some slow-moving stock items?

Maybe you can reduce their space to make more room for your profitable products too?

Firstly let us find the items that are the slow movers

Go to Register reports > Stock > Slow moving Stock lines

Now call it up here

As you can see, I have been looking at the stationery department for over twelve months for anything I have sold for less than $100 and am now stocking something.

Now out pops a report, in this case, of 81 pages of detailed information on all the items that match this condition. In this case, we have almost $80,000 worth of worthless stock.

Now check them out, pull out what you do not want to keep and put them in your Boxing Day sales area.

A post-Christmas sale can be an excellent way for retailers to generate revenue and improve their cash flow.

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