What if you lose your supplier?

What often happens in a shop is that as you are dealing with many suppliers all with a changing agenda suddenly, they no longer get stock of some items. Because they are small, they do not notice it.

Any example recently was with magazine retailers when on the 31/March/2016 Network magazine's contracted out its distribution. Soon what happened to many stores was that many magazines suddenly did not come. When you add it up this became a considerable amount as I will show by this example here.

Fortunately, our clients had not problems picking it up as our point-of-sale system had a report exactly for situations like this, to monitor the situation.

In Cash register reports > Stock

There is a report "Stock Sold During Period (a) Not Sold in Period (b) report"

So we can now run a report for.

Period A - 1/10/2015 - 31/3/2016 (the six months leading up to Network's closure)
Period B - 1/4/2016 - 30/9/2016 (the six months since Network's closure)

That gives us items that the shop was selling in the six months before their closure and then the following six months.

As you can see I entered in this here.

Now when I press "View report", I get this.

Look at the first line, almost $20,000 worth of stock with a profit of over $6,000 lost in sales over six months. Much of it, I am sure due to issues in the change over. Although some are noticeable, most of them are quite small so few would notice two to four magazines not sold in six months without this report?

Still together there certainly much here that should be in the shop selling! Once you have the list, its time to investigate.

Another example of the practical and useful advantages of our POS software available.