Monitor your top selling report daily

One point that comes up a lot in retail is a top seller today will be a good seller tomorrow.Technically its called the decay. Typically in retail, what you expect to see is that an item that sells 50 today will sell about 66% of 50 or about 30 tomorrow and day after that 66% of 30 and so on. What you need to do is identify today what is selling well to check you have adequate stock for tomorrow.

And its easy in our point-of-sale system.

Go to Register reports

Now select "Top N Stock Sales for a Given Period"

Now the following pops up.

I selected a day, normally you would put in today

Out comes a report with the top sellers for today.

Now these need to be checked that you have enough stock.

Give it a shot and see how you go.

Furthermore, there are many other reports there too to help our clients do better.