Measure your growth

Knowing exactly what is moving and the trends in your business on everything is vital in retail today, and it takes just a few moments to do so in your point of sale software. What you need to do is make excellent fact-based decisions that help you to grow your business.

Go to register reports and select it marked in green.

point of sale reports

Now select the Monthly Sales Summary

Dissection monthly options

Now I would suggest that you work in financial years for formal reporting so you are inline with your accountant's figures, no point in duplicating the wheel. So here I selected two years to give you a comparison. Note you can use more if you like as the choice is yours. I tend to think too many years are confusing and prefer to keep it simple.

Now pops out a detailed report among which you will see a breakdown by dissection and month the sales this year to last year.

Dissection monthly reports

For example I can see quickly in Nov 2011 to 2012, books and cards went up while confectionery and drinks went down.

Here you can easily see, which is changing in your sales.

The information we supply in your POS software has been precisely planned to help you optimise your business. This allows you to reduce your costs, increase your profits and grow your business more every day putting an end to guessing in business.