Warning on your laybys


Lay-by sign

Our point of sale software has an extremely powerful layby system, which many of our clients use. It does everything in laybys.

One problem that came up a few days ago was a customer took a layby from one of our clients. They then paid a deposit, over the next two weeks they came and paid off a bit more. A few days ago they came to make a final payment and to pick up their product.

The problem started when they looked at the item and then claimed that this was not the item they had agreed to purchase. What they wanted was a different model which was much dearer. An argument started. As it a good customer and retailer did not want any trouble, in the end, they refunded the total amount paid and left it at that. Not that I think they had much choice, in fact, they may have been lucky as the customer could have claimed that the retailer changed the terms and demanded the newer model.

My tip If you are going to offer your clients layby, which I am not sure is a good idea now when products like Zip are available to make sure the product’s is packed in front of the customer preferably in a sealed bag with our label stuck on to the bag. This will reduce the problem.