Examine your real-time profit position


You can know how you are doing financially with daily figures from your point of sale software.

This will show you some of the most crucial retail KPIs to give you a detailed insight into your shop. These insights provide you with better business decisions and let you know exactly how you are doing.

Go to cash register reports

Select in sales

Dissection Sales /Profitability for a given period

Now run this report for the day

Quantity some call it a customers vote. What it shows is what people are coming into your shop to buy. As a rule, the higher, the better. Some people consider this KPI to be the most important stock one as it is it what brings people into your shop.

Gross profit is why the shop exists.

What is also important here is to check that your margins are right, as if they are lower or higher then expected then there is something wrong.

Lastly, I highlighted the last row. This shows you the problems with your scanning. 

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