Using the Government QR tracking Services for COVID in practice


For many months, many businesses have needed to get details of visitors who stay for more than XX minutes on their premises. The exact details and requirements vary in different states. 

With this in mind, we tested the free COVID tracking apps available, found guestttrack worked the best, so we recommended it to our clients to use.

It saves a lot of time. What a business does is create a COVID tracking form. Then put it in a prominent place, e.g., the front door, so people who enter can scan their details. It then records the details and stores this as the government requirements. As such the business have zero work here.

Now some state governments have released their COVID tracking app, e.g., the Victorian Government which is about eight months late if you ask me.


From the comments of my clients, these apps seem to very programmatic in practice. For example, the Victorian one, people report it is complicated in use and it has scanning problems. This is similar to what people have reported with the ACT app to me although not as bad there. 

So we recommend to my clients if they want to use the state government apps to use it. But continue using guestttrack as a backup. 

We intend to continue with guestttrack, it works so why change?

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