Use technology to use Your Shelf Space Effectively


What retailers need to do is identify the stock that their customers want and can see when they come into the shop.

If the customer does not see it, then many will not buy it.

What you need is your hot stock in a prominent display that shows off this product so that your customers know exactly where to go to find it.

Let us find them  

Go to your cash register reports


Select Top N Stock sales for a given period

Now select a reasonable and ask for a report by profit.


This gives you a list of your most profitable items.

Check stock levels

Now, the first point is to look through the list to make sure that you have sufficient stock on hand (SOH). The big question here is do you have highly profitable items but no stock?

Review items

Check these items to see what makes them so great, could be the position or is it the item. Check to see if they are in the best position? Are they adequately displayed? Maybe they should be in more than one location. As a rule double the size of the display in retail is said to increase sales by 50%. A good item with double the display will probably sell more than a good stock and a marginal one. 

Another possibility is to make them a bit more noticeable to your shoppers by moving them at the entrance or the checkout counter, where they can produce more.   

Position stock

Now start rearranging. The most profitable items should be front and noticeable.

Try it out

Dramatic improvements in sales can be made by using technology to improve your performance.