Trade shows are starting up


Over the past two years, trade shows have stopped with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have tried virtual shows with limited success.  It is hard on a virtual show as an item can look very different in your hand compared to the photo. The photo is selected by a supplier and is what they want you to see. Plus you cannot touch or feel the item.

Thankfully, now trade shows are starting up again. 

These have been a great way to see new products and variants of existing products in the past. Plus, they are an excellent way for you to meet suppliers that do not deal with you directly.

Here are some tips from a guy who has been to heaps of these shows if you are going.

1) There is no better way to find new suppliers. Make sure you pick up their cards.  Do not count on them contracting you afterwards.

2) With existing suppliers, it is often a terrific opportunity to meet the senior people in these organisations.

3) Many places have minimum orders. Unless you are prepared to buy big, the odds are many places will not deal with you. Before you start, tell them your budget on these products and be ready to walk out if the answer is no.

4) Prices are generally on the high side. Do not expect to find bargains. Consider purchases at these trade shows for seeder stocks.

5) Know your products well, your requirements and your price points.

6) Look for new things, that is mainly why you are there.

7) The last day tends to be when the smaller traders are looking to get rid of the stock they brought, especially for the show.  They would rather sell it than carry it out. If you are going to pick up bargains at the fair, that is the day.



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