The importance of customer service in business?



This is the finding from the Microsoft Customer Service Study here

90% of customers value the quality of customer service when choosing or remaining loyal to a brand. 

When asked how many stopped doing business with a brand due to poor customer service?

About 60%, more than half. I can relate to that. I stopped doing business with the NAB bank because of terrible customer service.

What I found surprising in the report is what the main problem with customer service was not actually how polite or friendly they were but

* The inability of the agent in understanding their problems.

* The lack of knowledge of the agent handling the problem.

*The inability of the agent in resolving their problems.

Obviously, people are looking for companies to provide solutions to their problems. I can relate to that too. I went looking for a war game to buy as a present for a friend. I went to a shop, and they had the stuff but not a clue on the product. I was unsure, so I looked in another shop. They had a guy who played and knew these games. He was a big help, so I brought the game there.


Your staff need to know their stuff, be helpful or it will cost you.

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