Thank you for filling out our survey


Thank you for filling out our survey



We want to thank everyone who filled out our survey. We got some great feedback. This helps us to continue providing cutting-edge software. Using it helps us to give our customers the information they need to succeed in an industry that is becoming increasingly competitive. So we value your feedback.

Survey background.

For almost 40 years, our annual survey has been an essential tool for our business. It helps us identify where we are going and the most critical point our clients need. It helps us make well-informed decisions about improving our software and services to meet our customers' needs better. The survey also allows our customers to influence our products and services. It allows us to understand better what matters most to you.

The initial survey findings

We are still going through your responses, but we thought we would give you a brief snapshot of the initial findings from the survey data.

It confirmed that almost all our clients have a firm grasp of our software. That they consider our software good or better. Software updates are helpful. Support is good. Our staff is professional. Almost all problems are resolved.

Comments about our support are


"Support is second to none, excellent."

"Excellent from the first phone call through to the solution."

We also had requests that were related to reporting. Based on these findings, we will focus on developing new capabilities and features that address these specific areas.

We also want to experiment more with artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance your productivity and decision-making. This will provide our customers with better insights. What we want to add to many reports is an AI-suggested figure. The next generations of POS Software will be heavy with AI.

Net promoter score (NPS)

NPS is the most used (KPI) market research metric to measure your customers' happiness with you. We were delighted with our score of 57 this year, almost three times what an average IT company gets.


Unfortunately, some people left questions for us but did not leave their details, so we cannot contact them. So we apologise for not being able to contact some survey participants who did not leave their details and now request them to contact us.


Again I thank everyone who responded to the survey. We can only improve the software and services we offer to our customers with your help. We are eager to maintain our partnership with you and provide you with the cutting-edge solutions you need to succeed. Once more, we appreciate your continued participation and support.

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