Tablets in point of sale software


A lot of people like to use standard computer tablets in retail POS systems which work beautifully with our system.

The immediate problem is that people, including staff as well as customers, have been known to steal them. As such what they need is some way of protecting them so what retailers do is have strap like this



or stands for them. This works but does cause a loss of its most significant advantage of the tablet, its mobility.

The big plus of the stand is that those on the strap can still be dropped. When it drops, the glass in the front sometimes cracks. Unfortunately, this is not covered under warranty as accidental damage generally isn't covered by the supplier warranty or by consumer law.

In my experience, if you want to use tablets in retail, the best tablets are windows based. The costs are generally cheaper, and they do more as they are designed for a business in mind.



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