Impulse marketing


I was reading an article in better retailing here. It certainly gave me something to think. Pepsi has a Head of Impulse category, and he explained how the PepsiCo system works and that in one trial it increased sales by 17%.

Well, it is straightforward to do with our system, will not take you very long to set up, and if it works why not try it?

And its easy in our point-of-sale system to do it.

Go to Register reports.



Now select "Top N Stock Sales for a Given Period."



You will want about 40 items with say the last three months of sales so on our listing which will look like this.


Checked that the top 40 items are right in the front with good facing, so they are noticeable by the public.  

Give it a shot and see how you go. 

If it works, I would suggest going over each department and making sure that the top 40 of each department are with good facing. 

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