Significant energy saving can be made in the shop

With everyone now complaining about the electricity bills, here are some tips to reduce the electricity bills in your shop.

Do not leave electrical equipment, e.g. computers on all the time, switch them off when they are not in use.

Look at the energy ratings of this electrical equipment, a laptop uses much less electricity then a desktop.

Check out whether another electricity supplier is cheaper, we saved over 20% on our bills by switching to another supplier.

Go through the bills and work out how you are being charged. You could find that you could make some decent savings.

Check, whether you can reduce the lights, switching to energy-saving lamps can help too. Have you considered pulling up the binds on the window?

Look at your air conditioners and heaters.

Reduce printing, to many people print too much, printers and photocopiers use a lot of power.