How to measure brands popularity

Here is a step by step method to measure how much interest there is in a brand compared to other brands. This was asked of me by a client that sells sunglasses, but I will use dog food as an example.

The problem is that often you want to know how much interest there is in a new supplier's products compared to what you already have. There is little point is stocking a terrific brand unless you are confident of your ability to sell it because say it came with an unbeatable price. Generally, however, if the public has little interest in the product, it will not draw people in and sales will be poor.

So now head over to google trend, which is here.

Now I decided to select five dog foods that I know about, what you would do is look up your three or four top selling ones from your point of sale software reports and put in the new one on offer.

So I entered in "Fish4dogs", "Earthborn Holistic", etc note with quotation marks one by one into google trends. Unfortunately, we only get five, but what do you want for free.

I then changed the country to Australia (green arrow) and the date to the last 12 months (blue arrow). 12 months gives me a feel of current trends.

Dog food by popularity

Now I can compare the search popularity. Out of my list, most people are searching for K9 Natural, but notice almost none for Artemis Pro Power. Furthermore, XP3020 seems to be a fashion item it comes in and out very fast, that is why I suggest using a year of history. One point that can cause problems, and you need to watch is that some names K9 often searches with be for other things then dog food, but this will give you a good start.

There are a whole lot of reports at the end, which will be of use too.