Tip to get business

An effective method of drumming up business for your retail shop is by sending to your VIP members emails. Do not send too many but at least once a month send out a newsletter though something like mailchimp which is free for SMB promoting your shop. Most email marketing engagement rates range from 1.5 percent to 4.79 percent, according to MailChimp. We have a free email seeding service for our clients if you require it. If you have say a thousand people on your mailing list, which is not that hard to get that is about 15 to 50 people.

There are plenty of points to send these people, the best ones as readers, here will know is birthday offers. However, thank you ones are very good too. If they have just brought something off you, why not try to get them to buy more. It does not have to be so recent. Here’s an example: Thank you for shopping with us, customer _______ in last financial year! To show our appreciation, we’d love to inform you that now we have _____________. Please check it out the next time you are in our shopping centre_____________, wishing you for the next financial year a happy great year!"

Furthermore, if you have some new lines, you could advertise them, e.g. we now have XYZ products, or say you have lotto and a superdraw is on.

The cost of this is zero to you, and it may bring you something good.