Retail tip: Your Email Signature

Here is a quick low cost method to advertise your business.

I am sure that everyday you send out a lot of emails. If you think about it, many of those people already are aware of something that you offer but there might be much more that you can offer them. Why not use this communication with them to try to promote more of your business or a service. Provide them a link to your website and/or your Facebook page. See in my signature, the green arrow.

If you are currently featuring a new campaign why not use your email signature to promote that? For example, ANZAC day is coming up; so perhas put in your email signature "Come see our ANZAC....". If you are displaying at an local event "See you at ABC school fair..."

Here are some tips

- Use text email signiture as many people today block images automatically so they will not see your email signiture
- Keep it short, who is going to read a long signature? Your message will be lost.
- Keep it simple - Trust me, it looks more professional.
- Don't use any fancy word processing, e.g. Bullets as they often do not work on some people computers, and it can be a problem as they can look different with email clients like Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.
- Don't use images, most people block images now.

Use your email signature to advertise your business