393 million email addresses found on a spammers list.

Recently as a public service, I passed on a warning of a Data Breach and a possible Data Breach in our market space, well today. I got word of details on the innerworkings of a massive, illegal spam operation. It was mind blowing as it involves almost 400 million email addresses. With the numbers that high, the chances are good that you, or at least someone you know, is affected. Details are here.

If you have done what we suggested and signed up for its free alert service on this site here you would have been warned.

I think it's important to register yourself as we have seen recently a number of big attacks by hackers, some of which are the world's best-known websites like Linkedin, Adobe and Yahoo which you would think are safe and you cannot be too careful.

It is easy to use; you just type in your email address for your email addresses and you will get an instant result. At the same time, I would suggest that you check your family members accounts too. You never know.

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