Ransomware why you need to wipe computers


Every week one of my clients gets hit by Ransomware. 

This is why if you get hit by Ransomware you may need to wipe the computer.

Those who are not too sure what I am referring to a person who goes to switch on their computer.  They see a new page demanding that they pay money; otherwise, they will lose everything on their computer. This is a typical welcome to Ransomware.


To us, it's a weekly occurrence. Some client somewhere has been hit. First, we take a deep breath and ask them do you have a backup? If yes, then we have a chance.

What disturbs me is that we see a change in tactics from ransomware in a few attacks. The ransomware is now firstly embedded in your system. So if we remove the ransomware and put your backup on, you will be working for a short time, and then the ransomware comes back. Then again, it asks for more money. This cycle will not stop. It is a program, and that is how it works.

There is only sure cure now is once a Ransomware hit, the computer should be completely wiped.

Final note: Should you pay if you cannot get your data back? 

By paying, you are contributing to the spread of ransomware. 

If you pay from now on, you are an identified person willing to pay ransoms, so you will be likely to be targeted again. 

I know people that have paid and never got their data.  What are they going to do? Sue them!

Don't Pay!

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