Queue KPIs

A key benefit our clients tell us about our system is the speed of the cash register.

Here is a sample report of the speed and efficiency of the transaction time being done in less than 3 seconds a transaction on our point-of-sale system.

I believe one big advantage my clients have many other systems is the speed of processing transactions on the cash register where it is important that a person can come in and be done in seconds. Too long a wait and often people simply leave without buying, if they are nice, they will put the items back on the shelf. If not, they will dump them anywhere leaving you to put them back on the shelf.

Often this problem is ignored, and yet I believe it's one of the main advantages; I think our clients have over their competitors.

There are three main KPIs used for measuring queues. The first is called transaction time; this is how long it takes a customer from when you say "Hello," and they say "Good-bye." This is what is shown above.

The next is how many customers are in the checkout line at any time; this is important as many will look at the queue coming in and just walk out, if they think, the queue is too long. That is why some retailers put barriers up to hide the size of the queue from the people walking in and why many prefer small queues and many tills rather than one queue and many tills.

The last KPI commonly used is. How long does a person wait in the queue, that is why it's important to have a cash register system as fast as ours. People will walk out if they wait too long.

As a first step what you need to do is go to your traffic reports shown in green.

Among the detailed output produced; you will find a colour coded analysis like this from blank to red, which shows how active the shop was divided into four groups with red the busy period.

Now in the times marked in red, check these KPIs.
How many people are in the queue, how long they are waiting and how fast the transaction time is?