Windows 10 is NOT a virus

Despite what some people say, upgrading to Windows 10 is not a virus or whatever. We consider it not an additional cost but a necessary function that has to be done to keep up to date with technology.

Consider when you move house, it often is really difficult and stressful but in a short time, it is better than before. Plus you get a feeling of satisfaction that comes with having the latest. In a short time, you feel better than in the past. Who feels good living in the worst house in the street?

Windows 10 is the best Windows yet and for most of you its free. Sales of Windows 10 have been incredible. It starts faster, has many good functions such as the mail and calendar which are first rate; many of you will find onenote to being the best and most useful program you ever had, which interfaces both on your mobile and to our software. Furthermore, you no longer need any third party antivirus software. In Windows 10 there is a free built-in antivirus software Windows Defender, which is a pretty good product, and as it's built right into Windows, so it does not slow you down like so many others blotware security suites do. Plus that is what everyone will be using, and soon many of your staff will soon only know Windows 10.

Much of what is being said is in my view rubbish.

We were ready for it.

We released information for those that did not want to upgrade to Windows 10, on how to stop this upgrade.

The upgrade, although I do not like the sneeky way, it's being done now,

is almost always straight forward and quick. We have not had to increase staff. Just make sure that you do it when you have support just in case The big issue here is that not all equipment can handle Windows 10 particularly if it's very old.

Furthermore, when the first beta version of Windows 10 was released, we made sure that it would work with our software, which turned out to being pointless as our point-of-sale system even early versions could handle Windows 10. I confess I do not believe the people that are claiming on their system that the serialisation; anti-theft system cannot handle Windows 10. It is in my view a grab for money.

As such as we do not see our purpose in having our clients sit on obsolete old software and we think they should have the best that they can.

As such we do recommend the upgrade. Now is as good a time as any.