Windows XP SP2 expires

Those people that are running XP or early need to be aware that the old version of the windows XP security certificate runs out on 6/June/2016, which is less than four (4) days away. As such on that date and after many do not accept it, including the banks and courts do not like it, that people are running out of date and unsupported operating systems.

If you want to know technically what is happening please click here.

Now if you are running Windows XP and are running such programs like tyro on that computer, please check what service pack you are running.

To do this, please

Go to the start button and click on it

Then type run in the search.

Then type "winver" here and press the enter button.

Now a window will appear with details of service pack and the version of windows.

Now check here that you are running XP and if so what the service pack is?

Only if you are running Windows XP, SP0, SP1 OR SP2 and one of these programs on that computer, then you will need to update to service pack 3.

Please only do this during business hours when you have access to support just in case something does go wrong but it most likely, it will not, but Windows being Microsoft, who knows?
Now click here.

Download and install this update. Problem should be fixed.

Note: I should say here, that we do recommend that you consider going to windows 10 as what you have is very old but this can be a subject of another post.