Point of sale cash draws

If you are looking into a cash drawer for your POS software, here are some more pointers.

1) Check how many times it is tested for opening, ours are rating at over a million opens. You will not do that many but its nice to know. Then check the sound it makes when you open it, some of them with their ding drive you batty. Furthermore, check how much power it has when opening, some seem to open sometimes only partly and require you to pull them out.

2) I really would not suggest looking at anything fancy, what you need is a good basic draw. Check that they are of heavy-duty metal construction, in point of sale usage, the draws will over time take quite a beating. The ones made of plastic often cannot take the punishment, plus they cannot handle the weight. You cannot put a monitor on them.

3) You need adjustable feet. Some have feet so bad that they just fall off if you try to adjust them.

4) I prefer a key lock, you never know when something goes wrong, and you need manually to open the draw, for example; a common problem is that if the receipt printer runs out of paper, the drawer will not open.

5) I also like a slip deposit slot, to slip in cheques so you do not have to open it. Make sure that they are a decent size, some are so narrow that you need to squash the cheques into it. In addition, check where the cheques go, I have seen draws where the cheques sometimes go under the drawer, and unless you take the tray out you will not see them.

6) I suggest that you make sure that it's compatible with Epson printers so you can use it on our system. Actually check with us first before buying.

7) Make sure it has a removable bill and coin trays with adjustable dividers that let you customise for what you need. It's also good for them to have some slits to let the dirt fall though.

8) I also do recommend bill clips to keep bills and notes securely in place.

I hope this helps.