What point of sale should we sell to the creatures of Halloween


Looking at google trends it does appear that there is a growing interest in Halloween by the Australian consumer.


This is a graph of October over the last four years, blue=2013, red=2014, yellow=2015, green=2016. As you can see its going up, I think it's because more schools now are making special activities for Halloween.

So while talking to our clients about how to get the reports to show them how to find the sales they did over this period last year, to find out possible good sellers for this holiday, which often tends to be sweets, treat bags, Halloween dolls, masks and capes, I started thinking about what sort of POS software could we offer some of the creatures of this night in their shops.



Dracula would need a good stock ordering and stocktake system to keep his bloodstock in order in his shop. We have plenty of pharmacists, so I am sure we would have little trouble in getting his stock system right.

Frankenstein certainly has an image problem, no-one wants to come near him, so he would require our email and SMS marketing system to attract people to come into his shop. We have what is considered the best VIP system in our market space, so he would have little problems in getting it going.

The Mummy wants time with this beautiful girl, so he needs a decent roistering system, so he can make sure he is in the shop when she is scheduled.

The Invisible Man could use a focus automatic ordering system because he is always losing his bandages, and he needs to keep spare bandages in stock.

And Zombies needs a retail traffic analysis report, so they can be there when the shop is busy.

PS If you are wondering who that picture is, it's actually me, done with an android app, The Walking Dead Dead Yourself which lets you take fun pictures of yourself as a zombie.