Performance Indicator Management Report


Employees are not equal to the business, some do their task much better then others. Some are very good and some not so good that is why you always have to check on the performance of each employee. A performance report will help you keep an eye on the performance level of different people in the shop.


What it enables you to do is give you an objective evaluation for everyone on regular basis. I believe that all businesses/organisations should run such evaluations regularly not just for the employees but also yourself. Please see a discussion on the Wikipedia here on this topic.

What our system does is produce a "Performance Indicator Management Report" for all the people in the business. It displays each employee, and then this allows you to compare their performance over a range of KPIs to others. Here is the opening page of the report. In this report, you will see that I am there as I stated you should be checking yourself as what you learn about others can be useful to learn about yourself too.




As you can see on the opening page that it shows as you can see a wealth of information on employee's performance.

Here you can see a list of the number of items the employee range up, the discounts they gave, the sales they put in and so on.

This makes it incredibly useful in a retail or many other businesses both for monitoring performance and checking security.

You will find the report in cash register reports > Staff > Sales (Detailed) for a Given Period.



How often should you run this Performance Indicator Management Report? The government standards state an employee performance report should be done twice a year, but I know companies that do it once a quarter.

With the support of the performance report, your business can run better and smoother and actively manage it and its another example of technology from POS Solutions.