More customers

Our point of sale software is lighting fast, most likely the fastest as you can see from this report of transactions going through the cash register.

Speed of point of sale software

As you can see where I marked in green that the operators in this shop were regularly doing transactions at a rate of four a minute. How quickly would your queues be cleared if your shop had speed like that from your POS system. You would get more customers, cheaper staff costs, higher turnover and more profit.

Part of this is because scanning with POS is much quicker than keying by hand, plus our unique AI reduces the number of keystrokes required, in fact, you do not need to do any keystrokes if you wish it to set up like that and our use of a super-fast SQL database available.

That is why people who come to us, report the increase in speed.

Of course in addition, your customers will appreciate the extra detail available from our point-of-sale receipts from what they get now, but we will discuss that in another post.