Google home for our clients

We are always trying new stuff for our clients; this google home is certainly one of the fun items to trying out.

We have integrated voice activated into our point of sale software for people with multiple sclerosis, which works well. As far as I know we are the only ones in our market space that can do this.

Anyway, this google home is certainly a very powerful voice integrated system. What I did like is that the big problems we have had in retail with voice activated item in the past is that in retail, there are many people in a relatively small area so as people talk, the machine gets confused, however, Google home can distinguish your voice from up to 6 people so you can get your own personal commute times, daily briefings, playlists, etc.

Exactly what we can do with it remains to be seen, although I can see a use for stock ordering. Instead of someone have to record on a paper or in a computer what stock they require they just speak and the unit notes it down, but overall I think its early days for business.

However, I will tell you what it's a real fun unit and its quite useful when you have a question you just ask it, so I went "what is the phone number for red energy" and it gave me instantly the phone number. It was very cool.

And NO it cannot make coffee, but I suspect it could order you a coffee.