Measuring Sales in your POS Software: Quickly and Easily.


What is the purpose of sales measurement?

Measuring sales is critical in today's world. To make the necessary adjustments to improve your business, you must be aware of its current state. Knowing how well your business is doing, what is working, and what needs improvement helps you make better decisions. This is also significant because it will assist you in comprehending what is taking place in your business.

Understanding your business will make it easier to tell where to put your time and cash. So let us start getting the measurable facts you need to assess how you are going.

You can do it manually with a calculator, but using this POS software report is easier and more accurate.

So in your point of sale software let us go.

Go to reports and click on sales

Point of sale menu selection for compare

This report will allow you to check how each department in your shop is doing compared to previous periods.

Options to compare periods

Now select the dates that you are interested in here. I am ignoring for this example all the extra options that you can examine here, but I do suggest after you work your way through this example that, you study this screen in more detail.

You do not need formal dates as this shows; you can pick any dates. For example, today is 29 Dec 2022, so I might select a 30 days period from 30 Nov 2022 to 29 Dec 2022. 

Now a report with the simplified options here

Comparison reports


Now there are lots of details for you to look at. If you want to look at one department, click on the left.

And that was just the beginning of what you can learn here.

As I stated, as you work through the options, you will get lots more information out of this report.

Although this is a great way to start in your software, you will find many other reports worth studying, too.


  • Sales per product showing the total number of items you sold are shown

  • Daily sales per item: The total number of things you sold in a single day. One of the enormous benefits of this report is that studies show what sells well today will probably sell well tomorrow. It is great to run this report to check whether you have enough stock for tomorrow in crucial lines.

  • Daily revenue: The total amount you sold in a single day.

  • Sales per employee: 80% of your sales are probably made with 20% of your staff.


The key to your retail business success is accurate sales measurement. You will be able to see exactly where you stand and the trends of your business.

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