Integrating Biometrics in your POS System


Biometrics security is when you use peoples fingerprints, facial pictures, etc rather than passwords. Many mobile phones use it. Many of our clients use it on their POS Software for over four years since we first introduced it to our marketspace. 

One of my clients met a credit card, where the information was swiped. The owner of the card did not know it was swiped. Swiping leaves no trace. A girl with the info went on a shopping spree. She did not take long to spend just under $30,000. With the new biometric cards, this will be impossible. 

Soon I suspect all retailers will have no choice but to use biometrics as the banks move to this security. So if credit card details are known, even with the PIN without the owner's finger, it cannot be used.

In theory, whether in practice one hack is proposed for the most popular types of biometrics security, which most of us use. It is claimed that it can be cracked.

Now we use the fingerprint method.

This involves some new equipment that is not expensive. Its big plus is that even if others know the password, they cannot get in so its much more secure

Yet, although people talk about the advantages of biometrics, it does have some drawbacks.

Delay: This is the big one. It takes too long. You have customers queued up, and the operator, if they have to wait a few seconds to process, is just too long. That is why we currently do not use it on the cash register.

COVID, as fingerprints are contact-based, people do not want to keep pressing the same pad as everyone else. 

Errors caused by the sensors, which are not perfect, cause problems. Although a fingerprint is better than a pin, errors still occur. Some court studies show the error rate, fingerprints errors showed they vary from 3% to a dismal 20%.

Shops are dirty environments, so people have wet hands, dirty fingers, etc. Often the operator has to wipe their hands, then try again. This causes more delays.

Our system is often used by people with physical disabilities, e.g. MS. They can have problems using the fingerprint scanner. 

Have a chew and if you want to know more, let us know. 

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