Buy 2 and get 20% off the cheaper one


Have a look at this advanced offer which you may want to consider in your shop if you have our POS Software.

We did this based on a study here

Mix or Match? Consumer Spending Decisions in Conditional Promotions - Sokolova - 2021 - Journal of Consumer Psychology - Wiley Online Library

As it shows that it works better than "Buy two, 10% off both".

You would think that they are the same, what is the difference to a customer of

1) Buy two and get 20% off the cheaper one.

2) Buy two, 10% off both".

But the answer is no.

The study showed that the sales number were about the same in both cases. Yet shoppers, when offered the "Buy 2 and get 20% off the cheaper one" offer, tended to choose a second item that is more expensive. This increased their return from the 20% discount.

So for the retailer, the sales total went up.

Try it out and let me know how it went.

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