Building Career Building Skills in the family

Many of us have family members that soon will need to find a future career. But what sort of a job, will be their chose? What do we know now is that we need to help them to prepare that child for the future? What they require who knows, but I am sure that computer literacy will be most important. It may be easy to sit back and think computer literacy is only important for those pursuing computer positions, but this is 2017. Computers are currently used in almost all aspects of our lives for example medical, finance, building, retail, management jobs and others that historically didn’t involve computer know-how now do. If you look through job sites like, you will see heaps of positions requiring computer skills.

This is why candidates today can distinguish themselves by being more tech-savvy.

Most of our clients are in a lucky position that they can help these family members get those skills in their shop, which can help them later find a job on their own.

The most common software required is used our point-of-sale system are used by almost all organisations. Word processing and spreadsheet software both of which our software uses. Their knowledge of Microsoft or the free openoffice would be a good start here. By helping not only will they do work useful for the shop, but they will gain experience with Office suite software making them much more comfortable with using these programs.

Additionally, an accounting system would be a great help, here the backoffice functions in our software would help them as would knowledge of a formal accountancy program like MYOB, Quickbooks or Xero as all the accountancy programs in general use are the same in function.

If you have a website for the shop, then such skills would be useful for them too especially the graphic skills as everything is moving online.

Not only will you see that this family help you, but it will also help them in tomorrow's job market.

PS I am actually a great believer that knowledge of many of these functions is a considerable help to anyone today personally too. For example, we have a media centre at home, to watch TV, you have to know basic computer skills.