Warning a data breach

Warning its just been announced that a website linked to Tower systems has been hacked again. Although its annouced the problem has been fixed on the website, if you have or had an account on their website, I strongly suggest that you review your passwords there. The question you need to ask yourself now is have you used these details on other sites? If so, it is possible that a hacker now has your account name and password on these websites. This information is the main reason for such website hacks as the average person, has about five passwords to make it easy for them to remember. A skilled hacker knows this sh they will immediately test this information on such sites as paypal, Amazon, Coles, common web based email and others. If they get in; it can be a big problem.

Although I doubt that this site will register the data breach formally, as many don't, still one site, I do recommend you go to, to test your email, and your common account login is here.

Enter in your common usernames and email accounts and see if anything has come up. Now register yourself to get warning if something comes up.

Now if you want to see for yourself hacking being done in real-time, a large computer company Norse which owns throughout the world thousands of data centres monitors many of the hacking attacks that come into its system, by location, severity and types. As numbers, it is not particularly interesting but what they have done is turned it into a memorising animated coloured shooting arrows that cross a map of the world. You can get a feel of just how big this hacking is right now. It's a war and its simply amazing to watch. Just remember this is only the information from one company; you can multiplied it by a million times more. Hacking is a multi billion dollar industry today. You can see attacks from one country to another.

Check it out at this site


To see it for yourself, you will be amazed.


  • simon said

    That norse map is memorising alright, I just wasted a lot of time just staring at this chart although I am puzzled as there does not seem however enough for Australia.

    Also why are these attacking computers not closed down, if they are known?

  • Bernard said

    Me too, I just stare at it memorised.

    Australia is probably not a major market for Norse so it does not get much of a mention as a target and clearly Australians are starting to get the message that virus scanning is important. The other issue is that Australia is rapidly moving to windows 10, which has antivirus inbuilt. Still if you watch Australia pops up.

    Why they are not closed down is a good question? These attacking computers are what we call voodoo computers. They have been infected by a virus and although the owners do not realise it, their computer is also being used for an attack. The other problem is that it's hard to identify a computer from an IP unless you have a court order in many countries, ISP almost never help so tracing an IP can be difficult and little would be accomplished if it was done as its one machine and there are probably millions infected.

  • Mark Fletcher said

    Bernard, Thank you for your concern. However, I offer no thanks for your inaccurate representation of what happened. The site you have written about, but did not name, is the Australian Newsagency Blog - www.newsagencyblog.com.au.

    You don't know what happened so you assume, as you usually do when it comes to me and my business. Shame on you for your breathtaking spin.

    There was no data breach, no data removed from the site, as the site does not contain any confidential data. I am the only one with a password for the site and that password was not breached. The site does not have account names. So, as you can see, you have made too many wrong assumptions.

    The breach was due to a security flaw in a Wordpress update, a flaw that was quickly fixed. Wordpress reported the flaw.

    By the way, I have a screencap of this comment as you have a track record of censoring comments.

  • Bernard said

    Mark please you have no idea what was taken; you probably have no idea what was left. If you find evidence of a guy who breaks into your house sometime ago, do you know how many times they came in, if he took camera shots of your documents, do you know what he copied your DVDs, did they infect your computer and do you know if he left a hidden camera or a hidden mic?

    I and I suggest everyone take your public assurances that everything is okay and then immediately review their own security by assuming the worst.

    So I change my major passwords every time a data breach takes place that I am even remotely involved. All I am saying is exactly what I do and there is nothing wrong with that.

    My advice is exactly as I stated above unchanged.

    Let us just leave it at that and please do not ask me to go public about this.

  • Mark Fletcher said

    Bernard, you are wrong. Nothing was taken as nothing is stored at the site hacked, nothing whatsoever. If yu researched what Wordpresss said publicly about this you would know. In fact, you probably did that but neglected to write about it as it does bot suit the narrative you prefer to run. Shame on you for false and misleading statements on this.

    Now, let's see if you refuse to publish this comment for over a week and when you do publish it you back date it.

  • Bernard said

    Mark, according to the dashboard of this site you posted this comment on Saturday, 4 March 2017 7:25:59 AM and it was published 12 hours later when I got back home from the airshow in accordance with our policy of open and free discussion.

    What I do not understand is why you would want me to demonstrate how weak is the security on your sites, this does worry us. I would go to wordpress, but I would also follow hackers to see what they say.

    What did you do a real hack and compare it with what we did after a suspected hack?


    Big difference.

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