How to cull the number of products


What majors are doing to simplify their handling, administration, and costs is reducing the number of items in a category. 

Almost all sales in a category are of a few products, and the rest are not doing their fair share. So it is better to put something in a new category than to have your space full of products that do not sell. The general rule is that 20% of a business's products generate 80% of its income. We are trying to locate 80% of the products that do not sell and eliminate them from the product line. 

This is where our sales per product reports come in.

These make it simple to distinguish between your best (and most awful) selling items. They assist you with deciding your champs and washouts. Assume a specific item is trading poorly. It's a washout, so you should think about requesting more. The earlier you find out, the better.

Go to Register reports.


Now pick "Top N Stock Sales for a Given Period."


Now in the form put in the last four weeks. Pick a category. Run, and this results in a report with your champs on top. Look at the washouts at the bottom.

Now act!

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