How Did You Find Us?


How did you find us?

This is a handy function in our software and easy to set up. We are now doing some enhancements to it.

What is beneficial information is to find out and then record how did a person come to find your business? This can help, among other things with your marketing, deciding on your new physical location, etc. 

What you are trying to do here is know from the source of how did your customers found out about you and what led them to your shop. Once you have this you also need to consider what sort of customer each of these sources are giving you e.g. say a customer came to your shop as you have a dry cleaning drop off service, now its a question not only what is the dry cleaning worth to you but also what else has this customer purchased off you. So you may want to create a category here for how did you find us which is "dry cleaning drop off". 

If you are going to do this, you need to do is ask when interacting with your customers this question. Although often you can guess. If the first purchase of your client is the dry cleaning drop off, it is a reasonable assumption its the "dry cleaning drop off".

Currently, you can get figures and trends.

The new enhanced reports will give you more options to select from and better analysis of your lead sources. This can help you by getting higher profits and more clients.

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