Creditor contracts


This function in your point of sale is convenient and can save you a lot of time, so it is worth studying. What is most commonly used by our clients is to manage their business supply relationships.

Go into creditors and select the Creditor contacts.


Creditor contacts menu


Now call up a creditor and enter in your contacts for that organisation here. Often we have heaps.


Select one and add a few contacts to this supplier, you can enter as many as you like.


Creditor contact notes


Now the immediate advantage that you have is that it is a very handy spot to find the contacts details where ever you are. Just go to the computer and call them up.


But there is much more. Notice the three tabs on the top.


If you click the Office links, you will find there some standard communication methods, eg faxes, email etc.  


Creditor contact links


Select one, and you will find that your proposed communication is half written.  This can save a lot of time.

Now if you want more communication letters or emails, you can create them in the Templates, and you have a lot of flexibility as you have pages of document codes below



Creditor contact details

so you can create detailed and personalised notes to these contacts.

Try it, and it will save you a lot of time.

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