EOFY last chance


As the end of the financial year approaches, many of you, as are most people now, considering their plans for any last minute changes this year and what they are going to do next year. 


There are several considerations that you should be aware of approaching 30 June date.


Currently, the new EFTPOS rates are starting to roll up, and they all seem to be up.  If you intend to stick with your present provider, I suggest you find out now what the new rates will be. If you want a comparison, Assembly thought Westpac (which if you are with Westpac is an extremely inviting option) and Tyro EFTPOS both of which we interface into now have good deals. These rates, I think they are going to look in retrospect a lot better when you are in 2019/20. If you want to know more, let us know ASAP as we are looking at ten days left.


Also, the government accelerated investment allowance for 2018/9 ends then too if you are looking at upgrading your computer and/or software requirements well again it is only ten days left.


PS If you are starting to budget for the next year, check out your new insurance rates, I got a shock when ours came in. 



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