We are fully touch

One big plus unlike other point of sale systems is that we are fully touch so you can run it without a keyboard.

There are many advantages to running touch plus some disadvantages some of which I will run through here:


Speed. It takes more time to use a keyboard and mouse as you have to look at the screen, see what you need to press and then do it. With touch, you see what you need to press and do it. Faster speed is not only good for playing fast games it is also good for entering data into your computer.

Intuitive. For a similar reason, I find it more natural to use a touch screen. There is much less thinking about it. This is often particularly plus with people who are not used to a computer with a mouse and keyboard.

Space: Since a touch screen does not need a keyboard and mouse, it can be mounted on a wall so needing no space. This also removes another big problem of a water or coffee split on the keyboard.

Wider variety of devices: Many devices like the tablet do not have keyboards.

Accuracy: Since you are always looking at the screen, you press much less the wrong button. When you do press the wrong button, you can see it. Sometimes with keyboards, you miss the error.

Future: In the future, I predict all screens will be touch, almost all smartphones and tablets are now so you will sooner or later have to get used to it. Why wait?


Price: Touch products tend to be dearer for the same product you will pay a bit more.

Dirt: Touch screens need more cleaning as they tend to suffer more from dirt, dust and grease is often a problem.

Screen size: Often you need bigger screens as the buttons have to be big enough to press.

Arms reach: You need to be within arms reach of the computer. This can be particularly frustrating when you are trying to fix a computer.

Hope this helps.