Covid-19 rapid tests


Rapid COVID tests will be available from Nov 1. These tests kits act like the pregnancy stick sold now. What they allow people is to get almost instant results. This is a significant advantage as now people often need to wait three hours to get tested at a public test facility. I had to go at 8 am to have my daughter tested before they opened to get a spot.

Plus, if they get tested there, they are publically listed if they have COVID. Some people do not want that.

I expect it will be a good product here as US sales for these 15-minute tests is soaring, so why not here? One guy at work told me that he and his partner are soon going to a wedding, so he wants two to test themselves.

So why not check it out? The cheapest supply that I have found is here. I am not saying how good they are, as I do not know.

It is a shame that it took so long for this product to appear, as we could have used it when COVID first started here.


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