Checkout the comments on Australia Post

If you read the comments on the Australian Post facebook page here every post by Australia Post is followed by a stream of complaints. You can see that Australians now are very upset with Australia Post.

Check this image too

The raising of the stamp from 70c to $1.00, that is 43% up is also making people upset. This is the biggest increase we have ever seen and how these charges be justified? Australia Post is the largest courier company here and from what I can see its the dearest.

This is going to increase dramatically the costs of doing business in Australia. This will cost many jobs. It is all well and good for Australia Post to say that they are cheaper than many countries, the problem is that the countries; we are competition with like China and USA, have cheaper postage then we do. Have you noticed how Chinese ebay sellers can offer free postage? While an American postage charges are often less than half of ours.

What I do suggest is that many of you switch over to our email statements which our system can produce plus use couriers more. That will save you a lot

Plus another problem with the mail, is Australia Post has announced that is standard delivery time for a letter is up to six days. Email and couriers are faster then that.