This is how to stop Windows 10 annoying you.


Currently, I estimate that about 20% of our sites are at the moment on Windows 10. Many are now intending to upgrade to Windows 10 shortly. No surprises there its a fine operating system but be warned there will be trouble, but it's probably worth it. If you are going to do it, I will give up one tip, uninstall your virus protector do the Windows 10 upgrades and then reinstall your favourite virus protector, although I do admit that the free Windows Defender supplied by Microsoft is a good product, and as it is part of Windows has much less of an impact on speed, compared to many other products.

What is happening in many sites is that your computer keeps bugging you to update to windows 10! The other problem is that there are reports that some who never decided to go to Windows 10, but the computer did the upgrade anyway. So some people are claiming that Windows 10 is a *Mandatory* optional update. Another scenario which I think is more likely is some people got up in the morning, switched on their computer, which asked them a few questions and without them realising the significance of what they are doing, off the computer started on the Windows 10 upgrades, by then its too late to do anything. Lucky for these people, unlike many other point of sale providers our users do have 24-hour support that can do something about Windows 10 upgrade problems after hours.

Anyway despite Microsoft claims that there is no risk as you can go back to the old version of Windows if you do not like Windows 10, there is now a new "massive upgrade" (Version 1511), which once installed means you can no longer go back to Windows 7 or 8.1.

Now if you are one of these people that do not yet want to do a Windows upgrade, and you are on Windows 7 or 8, there is a simple way to stop this constant nagging by windows to upgrade and to stop your computer quietly in the background downloading the Windows 10 upgrades which is not small, it's about 3 GB.

The way I suggest you do it is go to this site

Select GWX Control Panel which is a free program that runs on Windows 7 and 8. Once you run it, it will stop the constant nagging to upgrade to Windows 10, it will prevent you from downloading the version 10 installer files and it hides the "Get Windows 10" icon from the status bar too.