At point of sale, what needs to happen


What is clear now that many retailers immediate and top priority in their loyalty programs is customer retention. Any increase in sales by upselling and getting them to buy more often is now all secondary. 
Not surprising as customers are up for grabs now. 

People are now buying brands that they never purchased before. They are buying from people that they never dealt with before. 

This is the kicker; they have been doing this for months and will continue to do this for more months and something done for months is a habit creation,

We are in the middle of a retail transformational period. 


Are those people you lost, going to come back to you?
New people coming to you now are they going to stay with you? 

I have clients who are shut. I see that they are on pushing their store to their former customers on social media. Telling them, they intend to re-open.

Answer because they do not want their customers to forget about them.

The first step at the front of the shop like here,

when they are buying, at the point of sale, make sure they know you have a loyalty program.

Then make sure that they can sign up immediately. 


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