How to use Google Trends in your retail shop

Knowing what people are interested and thinking of around you, is a big plus in retail and Google Trends give you a great and extremely accurate tool for doing that free.

Here is an example, this is a chart of people interest in the USA over the last month before the recent election. Donald Trump is in red, as you can see he is getting most of the interest. Maybe I would not have been surprised with the US election if I had looked at it.

Pretty impressive, especially in comparison to all these so-called experts who let us all down and are eating crow now.

I have been using it for years to measure public interest as readers, here will know to measure marketing holidays and products over time. For example, I did not have a clue about how popular Halloween would be this year compared to last year as my daughter's school does not celebrate it and few of my co-workers talk about it, so I used Google Trends, which showed that it would do better this year, then last and overall it was right.

I think if you are offering a product or service to the public, and you want to know whether there is a demand for it, then Google Trends can be priceless for you. It is the best "NOW" analyser tool on offer.

It's easy to use; I will show you a simple example but when you get to know it, it can do much more.

To start all you do is click here.

This gives you what people in Australia are interested in currently. If you read up on that it will tell you what is of interest to your clients now.

Even so, let us say you were interested in seeing how much people have in lottoland. Enter in lottoland in the search line, change the region to Australia, change the dates for the last two years (I always like two years of history so you can see seasonal trends).

Now add say lotto, tatts and tattsloto (note, I am a Victorian here)

You get a chart like this.

As you can see its minor at present, although this can change but at the moment no need to over react. Probably of more concerns now is the very slight trend of all of them down but what is interesting is that when lottoland goes up so does everything else so maybe its not taking any clients away but drumming up interest in lotto in general.

Anyway, you can use this tool to see what people are searching within the Google search engine and so what they are interested in, You can then use it to base you retail strategy on these results. It deserves serious consideration.

For a youtube on how to use it, please click here.